Saturday, September 6, 2008

Barb's Having a Ball

While I was at Seminar, I met one of our Cyberstitchers. I didn't only meet her, I took a class! Barbara S. is new to the national teaching scene, but she's taken off in a big way. The sunflower ball shown here is just one of her many temari designs and even more gorgeous in person.

In the class I took, Barb taught us how to make the two ball types pictured in this photograph. They're so easy once she explains! You too, even without going to a national seminar, can get her expert instruction via her new group correspondence course, which debuts in this month's Needle Arts.

I'm in awe of the pretty, pretty lovely balls Barb has made. She's in the process of being certified by the Japanese Temari Association. This means she has to come up with eight original designs and submit them as balls to the association in Tokyo. She doesn't even get the balls back, as the association sells them to help cover expenses. The balls here were all in the classroom for us to draw inspiration from.

This little ball is easy to do as it's completely free form, with little lazy daisy flowers all over. A lot of punch for a little effort. I think it's darling.

And yes, my husband and Barb insisted I be in this picture. I'm holding the sunflower ball and Barb's holding the springtime stars and flowers one. She's such a good teacher AND a member of Cyberstitchers. If you have a chance, take a temari class. Or two. Or three. And say hi to Barb online, all you members.